Brent is one-third of Q Branch where he writes Vesper. Blog:

Michael is a founder of Flexibits where he works on Fantastical. Twitter: @macguitar.

December 2012

Identical Cousins 7: Number One!

Recorded 7 Dec. 2012. We talk about the launch of Fantastical for iPhone — a little bit about marketing, but mainly about app design.

You can download the m4a file.

This episode is sponsored by FastSpring, the e-commerce provider favored by cool Mac shops like Flexibits and Rogue Amoeba. You should sell your apps there too.

Warning about sound quality: Brent’s microphone goes weird around 19:00 and he switches to another microphone. We apologize for the less-than-smooth experience. (That microphone has been given a stern talking-to and placed in the time-out corner while it thinks about its bad self.)