Brent is one-third of Q Branch where he writes Vesper. Blog:

Michael is a founder of Flexibits where he works on Fantastical. Twitter: @macguitar.

February 2013

Identical Cousins 11: Indie Life - Three Weeks In

Recorded 20 Feb 2013.

You can download the m4a file.

We talk about Brent’s first three weeks of indie life. Spoiler: he’s enjoying it.

Then, because Michael has a cold, we lose our senses entirely and talk for a while about the Mailbox queue. Brilliant marketing? Pure evil? Making lemons out of lemonade? A nice user experience? A mix of all the above?

Also: cousin Michael gives us a sneak peek at Fantastical 1.1. But his cold makes him misspeak: he says the app uses the word “pasteboard” but in reality it uses the word “clipboard.”

This episode is sponsored by Windows Azure Mobile Services. Mobile Services is a new component of Azure — a very high-level component that makes creating web services for mobile apps (database storage, user authentication, push notifications, email, and so on) easy. (Really easy. Startlingly simple.)

Some things we mention:

Okay, that’s just about it.

Brent’s audio is a bit noisy. He’s working on it. (He has a Blue Yeti. Good mic. The problem isn’t the mic.)

Also: we used a curse word somewhere in the podcast. The f-word. So we marked this episode as explicit for iTunes.