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Michael is a founder of Flexibits where he works on Fantastical. Twitter: @macguitar.

March 2013

Identical Cousins 12: What the Hell Were You Thinking, Michael?

Recorded 8 March 2013.

You can download the m4a file.

We talk about changing your mind. Fantastical adds a date badge — when Michael said he was against it. He explains why.

This episode is sponsored by Windows Azure Mobile Services, which makes it easy to add a backend to your iOS app — you can store data in a SQL database, run periodic scripts, send push notifications, and more. You write code in JavaScript. You don’t have to get Visual Studio. It’s lightweight in the best sense possible — and very easy to get started.

A note about the audio: I (Brent) screwed up Michael’s audio — I had my headphones on and didn’t realize Michael’s audio was playing through my computer speakers. Oops. It’s due to Michael’s Awesome Audio Editing Prowess (tm) that the episode is salvaged. You mostly don’t hear any echo. Mostly. (Sorry about that!)

Some things we mention:

In the podcast, Brent erroneously credited Mario Puzo as the author of Prizzi’s Honor. It was Richard Condon. (Puzo wrote The Godfather.) We regret the error.

Nowhere in the podcast do we mention Jerzy Kosinski, who wrote Being There. We bring it up now just because we like it.

Another random note: Daniel Jalkut has a nice piece on indie podcasts. While we love 5by5, Mule Radio Syndicate, and Mobile Nations, like Daniel and Marco Arment we’re proud to be indie. We enjoy having sole control of the things we make.