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Identical Cousins 13: Bespoken Word

Recorded 29 March 2013.

You can download the m4a file.

We talk about Google Reader, iCloud, Microsoft, Dave Morin, and Summly.

This episode is sponsored by Windows Azure Mobile Services, a high-level component of Azure that makes it easy to write back-end services for iOS apps. Write code in JavaScript — it runs Node.js. Access the system via your web browser. Leave the server maintenance to other people, while you concentrate on what makes your app awesome.

Some things we mention:

Tune in next week when we have our first guest — Nick Bradbury, one of the all-time great indie developers. He’s written three hits on his own: HomeSite, TopStyle, and FeedDemon. These days he works at Sepia Labs on the Android version of Glassboard.

02 Apr 2013