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Identical Cousins 21: $500?! Fully Subsidized!?

Recorded 23 August 2013.

You can download the m4a file.

In this episode we talk about Steve Ballmer’s retirement, Tesla, iPhone rumors, iOS 7 design, and Glassboard.

This episode is sponsored by RemObjects’s Oxygene for Cocoa. Use the coupon code ID13 for 20% off. From the website:

Oxygene is a general purpose modern programming language and environment that lets you create applications and projects for all of today’s major platforms — from Windows over Android to — new — Mac and iOS. All with the same great language, and while leveraging the platform’s native APIs, frameworks and UI widgets.

Thanks so much to RemObjects — not just for sponsoring this episode, but for their long-time and continuing support of the developer and podcasting communities. They’ve been great, and their work is worth your attention.

Some things we mention:

27 Aug 2013